Versatile Sodium Silicate Available at EnvironMolds

Mold making and casting knows no boundaries. Even sand particles can be bonded with sodium silicate to make sand molds that are later used for making metal castings. This compound is made by mixing sodium carbonate and silicon dioxide.

And if you are thinking about where to source this sodium silicate or water glass, it is available on the EnvironMolds website. ArtMolds Sodium Silicate is available as an aqueous solution in 1 pint, 1 gallon and 5 gallon bottles. This additive is multi-purpose and can be used for several other applications too. Such as:

•    It is commonly used by artists to create an instant antique patina on ceramics and pots. The antique finish coating looks natural and believable.

•    It can be used as an economical deflocculant for clay. As the compound thins the clay, slips can be made with minimum water content. However, you have to be careful about the proportion as after a point water glass starts flocculating the same clay!

•    It works as a high temperature adhesive. A thin layer can dry to effectively bond different materials like metals, paper, plaster, ceramics, glass, fiberglass and even refractory materials.

•    The excellent sealing and bonding properties work very well for concrete, plaster and gypsum surfaces. The chemical reacts with the concrete to form a permanent bond. This makes the surface stronger, denser, wearable and water resistant too. The same function can be applied for sealing plaster molds and casts very effectively.