Bubble Buster Keeps Mold Bubbles at Bay

EnvironMolds has everything that a mold maker, life casting artist or sculptor might need and then some more. The catalog not only covers a full range of mold making and casting materials but also extends to all kinds of supplies, equipment and accessories that are routinely required by artists in their studios. The art supplies are truly varied and there’s almost nothing that can be found wanting.

Take the Bubble Buster for instance. EnvironMolds has carefully included this PVA mixture in its materials section so as to help artists cut down on the risk of bubble formation when making molds.

When making a mold, first apply a release agent on the original model before spraying a generous amount of Bubble Buster to cover the entire model. Now you can continue with the mold making and readily pour the mold material over the model without worrying about any bubbles.

The trick is that the mixture reduces the surface tension so that bubbles will not stick to the mold! The mix comes in a ready-to-use 6oz and 16 oz spray bottle.

Similarly, EnvironMolds also proffers a rich selection of brass name plates engraved in the art supplies section. You can choose from the sizes, fonts and mounting type to get a customized name plate for your artwork. This will instantly elevate your creation to a professional and gallery-like finish.

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Making a Two Part Mold

As a fledgling casting artist, I have become quite adept at capturing the form of simple objects in negative molds. All I have to do is secure the model in a box before pouring or applying the mold making material of my choice. I am adroitly able to capture the intricate undercuts and angles with clay, alginate and even resins.

Now I am just itching to move on and try my hand at making molds of more complicated objects. I picked a shapely figurine for this task and was well aware that the level of detailing all around the model required me to make two part molds.

In simple words, this means that I cannot make the mold in one go. What I need is two molds with each part capturing one half of the model before merging them into a single composite mold.

I chose plaster for this job and started by making a parting line all around the figurine. I followed an ArtMolds video that showed me how to portion off below the parting line with clay and make keys on the clay perimeter. Making a mold of the remaining half was quite easy.

Once cured, I carefully removed the clay border before making a similar mold of the other side. The video guided me on exactly how to join the two parts of the mold together and strap it securely for the subsequent casting.

The mold turned out a little shaky but I was still elated with my first attempt at two part molds!

Make Unique Jewelry the Resin Casting Way

I have recently started indulging my hobby to make unique and artistic jewelry. The techniques of resin casting are simple to use and perfect for capturing almost anything before fashioning it into a distinctive accessory.

I started with plain items like small dried leaves and beads. I used small round and oval caps and containers to pour the resin over the item. Once cured, finished and glossed over, I could easily turn them into lovely pendants and earrings. The transparent hue framing the tiny pieces did look quite exceptional and very soon people started complimenting on my accessories.

It was when various friends started asking me for the source and I saw how they really wanted to pick some exclusive items, that I considered moving my hobby to a professional level.

Now I use mold trays of varied shapes and sizes to make inventive jewelry. I have even started adding dyes to create lovely hues and effects. Buttons, stones, feathers, sparkles, you name it and I have captured it in a delightful setting. People even bring special keepsakes that they want me to make into a memento that they can display or wear as they want!

You can rest assured that every earring, finger ring, bracelet, pendant or neckpiece will be totally one-of-a-kind and almost inimitable. The style quotient is bound to zoom!