Make Unique Jewelry the Resin Casting Way

I have recently started indulging my hobby to make unique and artistic jewelry. The techniques of resin casting are simple to use and perfect for capturing almost anything before fashioning it into a distinctive accessory.

I started with plain items like small dried leaves and beads. I used small round and oval caps and containers to pour the resin over the item. Once cured, finished and glossed over, I could easily turn them into lovely pendants and earrings. The transparent hue framing the tiny pieces did look quite exceptional and very soon people started complimenting on my accessories.

It was when various friends started asking me for the source and I saw how they really wanted to pick some exclusive items, that I considered moving my hobby to a professional level.

Now I use mold trays of varied shapes and sizes to make inventive jewelry. I have even started adding dyes to create lovely hues and effects. Buttons, stones, feathers, sparkles, you name it and I have captured it in a delightful setting. People even bring special keepsakes that they want me to make into a memento that they can display or wear as they want!

You can rest assured that every earring, finger ring, bracelet, pendant or neckpiece will be totally one-of-a-kind and almost inimitable. The style quotient is bound to zoom!


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