Does Liquid Latex Need A Release Agent

A good thing about liquid latex rubber – apart from its flexibility and tenacity – is that it does not require a release agent. Indeed, a latex mold or cast will peel off easily on curing and generally does not require any release agent.

However, if the model used for making the latex mold is porous or brittle, a release agent is recommended. The preferred products for such applications are paste wax, thinned soap or a silicone spray. If using a watery soap mixture, it should be allowed to dry out before applying the latex.

Keep in mind that latex is soluble in petroleum based products. Petroleum jelly or other oil based compounds are a strict no-no unless you want the latex mold or cast to turn soft and mushy.

Many artists often use a thin mixture of castor oil and denatured alcohol (1:4) as an effective release agent when making latex molds or casts. It can be sprayed easily.

It is always better to test a release agent on an obscure area of the model or latex mold. Also ensure that the release agent does not leave any bubbles that can mar the final mold or cast.

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