Role of the Model in Life Casting

Life casting artists are generally familiar with the tricks of their trade. They have honed their skills to perfection – from making a mold, demolding and casting to also finishing the final sculpture so that it’s ready to display in all its magnificence.

However, life casting requires an artist to work with a living and breathing model, and alas, many people falter in this aspect. The problem gets compounded as both the quality of your model and his or her cooperation is vital for the success of your life casting project.

Therefore, finding and hiring the right model (and offering proper compensation) is half the battle won. There are various sources for locating models that do not have any inhibitions against life casting. At this stage, remember to protect your interests with an appropriate model release form.

Now comes the task of preparing the model for what lies ahead. New models need to be carefully informed about the life casting procedures and applications. Even experienced ones need to get familiar with your techniques and requirements.

Discuss the pose you have in mind and try it out to ensure that the model is comfortable. There is no harm in trying out different postures before settling on one where the model feels most relaxed. Always remember that the quality of your final life cast completely depends on how comfortable the model feels when you are making a mold!


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