Keep Life Casting Models Happy with MoldEZ

Life casting models often get put off by hair tangles and painful tugs during demolding. No matter how much baby oil or even petroleum jelly the artist slathers on the model’s head and body, the latter’s hair still ends up getting entrapped in the body mold. In fact, life casting artists often complain that their models refuse to repeat the experience and do not come back for further assignments. 

Clay modeling or resin casting is easier as it does not involve the live human body, but life casting requires careful preparation with an effective release agent. EnvironMolds offers an excellent product called MoldEZ Hair and Mold Release. This is water soluble and washes off easily at one go without tangling the hair at all!

It’s easy to apply MoldEZ – work generous amounts into the hair on the head, underarms or pubic area right from the root to the tips before combing them into place. You can also apply this water-based release cream on all fine body hair. The mold will come off easily from the body without pulling on the hair unnecessarily. MoldEZ is made completely from natural ingredients, is safe for the skin and can be washed out very easily with water.

Apart from this, MoldEZ also comes in handy as an adhesive for binding the alginate mold to the mother mold. Apply it generously all over the separated area. You can also use it to fill any pin holes in the alginate molds prior to casting.


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