Why We Turn To EnvironMolds?

Ever since renowned life casting artist, author and educator, Ed McCormick set up EnvironMolds, LLC in his garage in 1998, mold makers, artists and hobbyists from around the world know just where to turn to for their art materials, supplies and equipment.

EnvironMolds is well-known for its wide variety of product selections that includes all kinds of polyurethanes, latex rubbers, silicone rubbers, resins, alginates, clays, waxes, plasters, release agents, fillers and anything else an artist can ask for. What particularly draws people is that the mold making and casting materials are user safe and environmentally safe too – some actually nourish the soil when discarded!

You will find everything you need to set up your studio – from spatulas, rasps, mixers, brushes and brass name plate for professional display of artworks, just like the galleries.
containers to vibrating tables, vacuum pumps and chambers. There are different types of mounts and even
For those who are relatively new to these arts, instructional materials like books and videos are offered too. They even organize regular workshops on mold making, life casting and a variety of other subjects.

Quality mold making and casting supplies with great savings are always in store at EnvironMolds. And you will definitely be floored by the top level of customer service. The trained and dedicated staff as well as Ed McCormick himself encourage artists to contact them for any kind of assistance and are always on hand to solve their problems.  


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