Why You Shouldn’t Be Inhaling Liquid Latex

Liquid latex rubber is regularly used for making latex mask as well as creating special effects such as wrinkles and scars. While liquid latex is quite easy to use and lasts long, any regular user will vouch for the fact that the rubber has a distinctive smell, especially when a fresh box is opened.

Liquid latex does bear the characteristic smell of alcohol which is primarily due to its ammonia content. A tiny amount of ammonia is added to liquid latex rubber to increase its shelf life as well as to control its pH level. These ammonia fumes escape when a box is opened and should not be deeply inhaled. In fact, too much of sniffing can burn the nose, throat and even the respiratory tract.

This is why liquid latex should be used to make a latex mask in a well-ventilated area. Those who are especially sensitive to the smell should use a face mask. The good news is that the smell disappears as the liquid latex dries!

Similarly, the ammonia fumes can also irritate the eyes and skin at times. Therefore, it is advisable to air the liquid latex for some time before applying it on the skin or face for special effects. 

In sum, proper handling and use is essential for liquid latex just like any other product. Use it with care to get best results always!


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