How to Control Flexibility of Latex Rubber?

Liquid latex rubber is a popular art material that is used for making latex mask as well as creating other theatrical effects such as wrinkles, scars and gashes for film, television and stage. The cheap price coupled it qualities of toughness and durability make latex rubber a commonly used material in the world of art.

However, regular latex rubber proves to be quite viscous. Fillers or extenders are required to control the flexibility or rigidity in the rubber latex castings.

EnvironMolds offers ‘RubRfil Latex Mold Rubber Filler and Extender’ expressly for this purpose. All you have to do is mix requisite quantity of RubRfil with the liquid latex rubber. This will thicken the mix and also extend the material so that you need to use less quantity of latex rubber.

RubRfill works by subtly altering the form and function of the latex. Varying the amount of this extender and hardener enables you to easily control the amount of hardness and flexibility as desired.

For beginners, the following recommended combinations will prove handy:

•    Very flexible - 1 part liquid latex rubber  to 0.5 part RubRfil

•    Flexible - 1 part liquid latex rubber  to 1 part RubRfil

•    Medium flexible - 1 part liquid latex rubber  to 1.5 parts RubRfil

•    Very hard - 1 part liquid latex rubber  to 2.5 parts RubRfil

You can work your way through these suggested ratios to get the kind of flexibility or hardness you require.


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