Polyurethane Resin Comes of Age!

When it comes to polyurethanes, we mostly think of rubber formulas that are widely preferred for their superior physical and performance properties. They are known to capture minor details and undercuts well, making their resin counterparts pale in comparison.

However, polyurethane resins cannot be left behind for long. What works in favor of the resin formulas is that they are very easy to use and have a wide variety of setting times – from very fast – to slow. You are saved from the carcinogenic producing smells of polyester resins too!

Available in both opaque and water-clear with non-yellowing, UV inhibitors varieties, these resins are especially favored for cold casting artworks to reproduce a realistic look of metals, stone or wood. Apart from this, they can be effortlessly used to cast figurines, displays, rapid prototypes, special effects and sculpture reproductions.

Take EnvironMolds Casting Resin for instance. This polyurethane is a pourable two-part resin that is used to make castings from both rigid and flexible molds.

The curative and prepolymer have to be measured and mixed together in equal quantities. The casting system cures quickly at room temperature to form anivory-colored, lightweight, hard plastic. Therefore, mix only as much as you can pour within its 2 minute pot life!

Just like polyurethane rubbers, this resin also needs to be de-gassed prior to use to avoid air bubbles. Using an appropriate release agent is also imperative. After a few hours, you can drill, grind, sand or paint it as required!


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