ArtMolds Website Crammed With Information

EnvironMolds has emerged as a leading supplier of mold making and casting materials, tools, name plates engraved and other accessories. Apart from equipping both novice and experienced artists with anything and everything they need to bring their vision to life, Ed McCormick tries to assist them every step of the way.

The company even provides access to instructional books, videos and live workshops that prove to be very helpful. This is supplemented by the storehouse of information available on the website

There are helpful links to almost anything you want to know, from mold making basics to life casting technicalities to even material safety information. Even a casual visitor to the website can quickly glean various useful tidbits such as the fact that silicone rubber does not stick to anything but itself, and therefore does not usually require a release agent. Or the reality that liquid latex rubber should not be inhaled deeply as it has a good amount alcohol mixed in it!

Just by looking carefully, you can understand the role of fibers and fillers in mold making and casting as well as the difference between polyurethane resin and its polyester counterpart. Clicking on the particular links will also help you to learn different things from how to make a life cast to even doll reborning.

There’s all this and much more in store! Go check it out!


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