Water Glass Just For You!

Sodium silicate – or water glass as it is popularly known – is easily available on the EnvironMolds website. It is offered as an aqueous solution that is relatively odorless. Other benefits of this inorganic mix are that it is resistant to moisture, fire and even high temperatures.

Given that the primary contents of water glass are sand and alkali, the solution is largely nontoxic and also does not harm the environment in any manner.

EnvironMolds provides sodium silicate solution for sale in a 1 pint bottle with options of buying 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers too. The price remains reasonably low and cost-effective in keeping with the general price policy of the accomplished art supplier.

The bottle recommends that the product should be used within a year after the date of manufacture. However, it has been repeatedly proved that unopened and properly stored containers retain an almost unlimited shelf life!

So, always seal your sodium silicate containers properly and store them in a cool, dry and

Do not allow the sodium silicate solution to freeze either. On the off-chance that this happens, you can try thawing it with indirect heat before mixing properly again.

It is always advisable to wear splash-proof goggles, rubber gloves, boots and coveralls while using water glass as it may irritate or burn the skin and eyes on contact.


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