What Artworks Need is Nameplates!

Signing paintings with a flourish is always the trademark of a professional artist. It brands the art and gives a professional touch to the art.

How will you duplicate the same on your eye-catching cast or mesmerizing life cast? How will the gallery visitors or even your own generations-to-come identify your artwork? Do you want to let your hard work and creativity go unrecognized? Don’t you want your creation to get the honor it deserves?

The answer lies in a brass name plate! A fine nameplate not only elevates an artwork from the ordinary to a professional realm, but also lends a fine elegance to the art. It can be used to gracefully display the title of the cast/life cast, name of the artist and also the date of creation (if you want).

EnvironMolds recognizes this need and supplies chic brass name plates in addition to its sizable collection of mold making and casting materials. They are offered in varying sizes, edging and type of mounting. The company even offers to engrave both the art and artist details on the nameplate with a choice of fonts available to suit your taste.

The brushed low luster finish along with the customized details will work to enhance the importance of the artwork in the eyes of the viewer even while branding your masterpiece forever!


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