Faux Foods Come to Life!

I have been working on a play that has an elaborate tea party as its central theme. This is my first attempt at directing a play and yet, I have to admit that the painstaking planning and rehearsals seem to have come through. The curtain will go up this weekend and my team has been running helter-skelter to get the costumes and props ready for the big night.

It was only during the last minute preparations that it dawned on me that one of the boys will have to run out and raid the nearest delicatessen every evening to have the tea table heaving with buns, donuts, cakes and other delectable tidbits.

There is the fear of the foods going soggy or attracting pests, but the regular props I saw always looked so fake and phony! It was then that my assistant presented me with a selection of faux food casts from EnvironMolds. I really thought he was pulling my leg and actually picked up the ‘chocolate cake’ to see if it was ‘genuine’!

I have to admit that the donuts, petit fours, cakes and coffee looked oh-so-real even from up close. The food cast is made with liquid latex and the color and quality is such that they really deceive the eyes. We even used the Duncan coffee spill in a scene and it just added to the realism.

The audience is easily lulled into thinking the actors are partaking of a real feast and some even call us up to ask for the details of the bakery that makes all that ‘mouth-watering’ stuff!


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