Now Find Ceramic Tools at EnvironMolds

Working with clay – be it on the potter’s wheel or by hand – is quite an interesting and enjoyable prospect. You are only limited by your own creativity when making ceramic items. However, you do need to arm yourself with the right tools of the trade to be able to create a complete and attractive product. In fact, an artist requires a variety of tools for everything from rolling and preparing the clay to cutting, sculpting, piercing and finally finishing the ceramic object.

Given the popularity of designing ceramics and the difficulty of finding high quality tools, EnvironMolds has recently added a Ceramics section to its website

The superior collection features hand crafted and carefully assembled tools that by top European craftsmen. Each tool designed using potter’s recommendations. They contain only the highest quality materials including selected hardwood of European beech (Fagus, sylvatica) from the Catalan forests, carbon steel forged in Barcelona and cast aluminum. They are designed to last not for years but for generations.

It includes:

  • Ceramic steel punches
  • Hole cutters
  • Potter’s ribs
  • Wheel tools
  • Trimming tool
  •  Refractory supports
  • Plaster rasps
  • Tongs
  • Funnels
  • Gauges
  • Sieves
  • Mixers
  •  Banding wheels and more
EnvironMolds’ product range includes all types of mold making and casting materials, tools and supplies for silicone casting, latex casting, resin casting, life casting and more.


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