SkinRite Silicone Rubber at EnvironMolds

EnvironMolds has emerged as the perfect place to find any and every kind of art materials. The wide-ranging compilation features a selection of exclusive and valuable products as well.

Take SkinRite 10 for instance. This ArtMolds silicone rubber can easily bring your artworks literally to life. The soft and translucent rubber is suited for varied purposes, such as:
  • It is the ideal rubber for realistic mask making.
  • It lends itself especially well for doll ‘reborning’ projects. The dolls truly look lifelike.
  • It can be effectively used for creating different kinds of special effects.
  • It can aptly simulate real skin surfaces too. In fact, this rubber is regularly used for making realistic prosthetic skin pieces.
  • Skins for robotic and animatronic figures can also be created using SkinRite 10.
  • It is used for making different types of props, especially theme park props.
  • Apart from casting arts, the same silicone rubber can also be used as a mold making material for easy demolding from severe undercuts. The molds will capture high detail and can be reused for multiple castings.
The best thing about SkinRite 10 is that it can be easily colored by adding silicone based paints. The resultant tint can imitate skin hues very well. Moreover, the silicone rubber is also stretchable and the elongation makes it further mimic the elasticity and translucency of skin.

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