Hands-On Workshops At EnvironMolds

I have been practicing my hand at mold making and casting since the past many months. The horde of information available on the EnvironMolds website has been my guiding force throughout my journey into the world of these beautiful art forms. I have accessed the various instruction sheets and videos many times and managed to learn everything from how to make a simple block mold to complex mask making and everything in between.

I have been itching to try my hand at the more intricate art of making body molds right from the live human body. While www.artmolds.com again puts a lot of information and techniques at my disposal, I wanted more hands-on learning to get me started.

I soon found that EnvironMolds offers live workshops on a variety of subjects to fulfill this particular need itself. Customer service informed me that they have a Life Casting workshop scheduled soon and were even willing to accommodate my convenience.

I immediately signed up for the workshop that was to be conducted by none other than Ed McCormick himself! The 2-day workshop opened the doors to rich learning and interaction – I gained knowledge of everything from material selection, preparation, mixing and application to demolding, repairing, plaster casting, finishing and mounting. As I worked through hand casts and face casts on a live model, I even grasped the fine details about model preparation, comfort and posing.

This dream-come-true opportunity has managed to make me adept at creating beautiful life castings!


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