Of Different Mold Making Materials And More…

EnvironMolds presents a veritable confluence of materials that can be used to reproduce literally anything! And the website Artmolds.com is chock-a-block with mold making materials to support this claim. You will find everything from clay, wax, porcelain powder and plaster bandages to alginates, moulage, resins, rubbers and more.

Let’s take a look at some of these popular mold-making materials:
  • Clay: The non-drying plasticine clay varieties can be used for sculpting, mask making, mold making, special effects and clay animation. Sulfur-free versions and ballistic clay is also available.
  • Wax: The wide range of highly refined paraffin and bees wax are suitable for modeling, carving, candle making and sculpture engraving.
  • Porcelain powder: The ceramic powders lend themselves well for pottery applications as well as cold casting. Some of the varieties tend to hold detail well without chipping, cracking or becoming chalky.
  • Plaster bandages: These prove quite handy for making rigid shell molds to reinforce soft molds. The bandages can also be used for form molds such as in belly casting.
  • Silicone rubber: This is another versatile product that is commonly used for general mold making. There are options for making baking and cooking molds, body molds, etc.
  • Latex rubber: Liquid latex rubber proves to be an important material as it can be used to make molds of concrete and other abrasive items. The molds turn out tough, relatively inexpensive and can cast various materials. It works as an adhesive and can be used for special effects as well. 
  • Alginate: EnvironMolds offers a range of traditional alginate formulas as well as silica free and fibergel alginates for capturing molds from live human bodies. The properties vary to serve different purposes – some yield a softer set suitable for babies while another is more tear resistant and delays shrinkage.
  • Moulage: This age-old mold making material can also be safely applied on the skin. It is reusable and captures fine details very well.
All EnvironMolds’ products are of top quality, user-safe and many are biodegradable as well.


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Thank you for sharing the mold making supplies It's very helpful to me because I'm currently in a short course, and I want to know the kind of molding materials.

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