Gastronomy Feats with Sodium Alginate

EnvironMolds is not just limited to art supplies and materials per se. There is much more that you can easily find at

For instance, amongst the range of body mold alginates you will find a Cape Crystal Sodium Alginate as well. This organic, food grade and 100% natural product is the most dependable sodium alginate powder in the market. It is vegan, has no discernible flavor and emerges as one of the safest food additives.

Sodium alginate opens up numerous possibilities for chefs and cooks – from thickening and gelling to emulsifying, stabilizing and even texture-improving. Watch out for the interesting modernist feats in the kitchen, such as:
  • Increase viscosity of liquids to form various types of sauces, syrups, dressings, gravies, mayonnaise and pie fillings.
  • Bind meat to form nuggets, roasts, loaves and steaks.
  • Improve texture of noodles.
  • Gain the desired crumb texture and density in baked goods.
  • Prevent ice crystal formation, discourage product melt down and maintain smooth texture in ice creams and frozen desserts.
  • Above all, sodium alginate mixed with calcium salts is used to produce small caviar-like and large spheres. The gel formations have liquid inside that bursts in the mouth.
In fact, the unique and diverse properties prove useful in cream fillings, spreads, fruit products and even beer, wine and other beverages making it a must-have for all serious cooks!

Apart from this traditional materials such as clay, wax, rubber and polyurethanes are always available at EnvironMolds.


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