Wax, wax and Some More Wax!

Name any kind of mold making, casting or life casting material and you will definitely find it at EnvironMolds. And it’s not just about the popular and sophisticated products here. Artmolds.com even offers basic and simple materials such as clays and waxes.

In fact, the website features a fulsome range of carving and mold making waxes. Let’s take a look at some of them:
  • Paraffin wax – This refined paraffin wax is popularly used for making candles. It works equally well for coating and sculpture engraving too. Edible variety of this wax is also added to chocolates to make them glossy and hard.
  • Pure beeswax - This sticky substance is derived from honeybees and is excellent for flavoring and glazing. It serves well for candle making and sculpture engraving too.
  • Synthetic beeswax – This manmade variation of beeswax works out cheaper. It is suitable for candles and soaps.
  • Roman casting wax – This strong and firm casting wax is used for carving and modeling small objects.
  • French casting wax – This studio blend wax is always recommended for the age-old technique of lost wax casting and helps in making precise sculptures. It remains pliable and does not get sticky.
  • Micro-crystalline modeling wax – This soft, nut-brown wax is perfect for direct modeling. It lends itself well for pulling waxes for bronze investment casting.

So, do not limit yourself to resins, silicones or plaster casting alone. Try playing with wax as this soft substance can be easily molded into any form or shape.


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