Try Latex Casting with EnvironMolds Latex Rubber

Liquid latex rubber is a popular casting material that can be easily used to make hollow rubber articles, flexible props, toys, display articles and even masks. However, things can get confusing when it comes to buying latex rubber.

In fact, art stores stock a wide range of latex casting rubber and all are not formulated in the same manner. Some latex compounds may take a long time to cure while some others may not have the necessary tear strength.

What you need to pick is high-quality latex rubber emulsions like EnvironMolds Premium Latex Casting Rubber. This multi-use liquid rubber can be easily used to make different items like imitation pottery, puppet heads, balls and other toys, props and masks. It is also appropriate for coating foams such as polystyrene, texturing and special effects for theater or video shoots.

This is a fine quality product presented by the esteemed art house of EnvironMolds. It is available in 32 oz, 1 gallon and 2 gallon buckets on Even professional casting artists usually recommend this product for making latex mask as well as flexible props.

In fact, you can play around with this latex rubber as you wish. You can try your hand at making gloves and other thin skin products too. Or just cast them into plaster molds to make any kind of display article you want. The price is very economical and therefore will not be inhibitive.


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