Usages of Plaster of Paris Bandages

Widely used in the medical sector and other industries, plaster of Paris is a material that has been an influential one since the ancient days.

It gave forth one of the products called as plaster of Paris bandages, mainly considered as a material used to help recover fractures mainly related to bones.

Plaster bandages of a varied type are used in the medical sectors. Sterile plaster bandages are used to help supporting limbs, medical prosthesis and in forming hearing aids.
plaster bandages

The manufacturing process of these bandages is also interesting. A woven fiber is soaked into the plaster material, which is later made to dry up. Plaster bandages are also soaked in water before using. It is applied in the wet state and after administration; it solidifies and does not lose its shape.

Modeling plasters experience different usage. In Orthopedics, limbs are molded in plaster to deliver a shape of the real limbs. This is done to make artificial limbs. Plaster is also the materials to cast limbs that contributes to the fitting of medical prosthesis.
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